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Welcome to the Kay Family

We are well on our way to three years! It has been a tough year though with Trevor's Mom passing in December, and DeAnna's Dad passing in April. We bought a "fixer-upper" of a house in November and no where near the point of moving in. We did get the hot tube working pretty quick so we have been going out there and relaxing when we can. We found it also had an automated sprinkle system, so after one control valve and almost all the sprinkler heads the system seems to be working well. With all of this heat, we even hooked up the swap cooler, which for the most part does a pretty good job of keeping the house cool. We also put a small AC that was in one of the windows in the house in the garage and it does a very good job of keeping that large building cool. It sounds like it will die at any moment with its rumble and banging, but it is working. Trevor has almost gotten the garage how he wants it. He can finally find his tools, most of the time. Yeller loves it out there, he wanders up into the hill with trees sniffing at everything he finds. We are still continuing to pull together videos and photos, and will upload them as we can. The site will just continue to be a work in progress.

Blessings to you all!

DeAnna and Trevor


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